Technology is everywhere around us, and nowhere is this more true than the business world. Whether your company is made up of two people working out of a bedroom or hundreds of people spread over several offices throughout the world, technology is likely to be an indispensable part of every working day. Surprisingly though, many businesses still don’t have dedicated IT support. There are so many reason why IT support is an integral part of your business, whether in the form of an in-house team or an outsourced service. Often, company directors and their employees may know the basics of using the technology, but they won’t be equipped with the knowledge they need to fix any problems or to make important, technical decisions. Having a dedicated IT expert, or group of experts, means you will always have someone with in-depth, technical knowledge nearby, and will save your company time, money, and the hassle of having to deal with problems without the proper know-how. Your business will also be more protected against viruses, hacks and improper data storage.

IT support doesn’t necessarily mean your company needs to build its own, dedicated IT department though, especially if you are still small. If you aren’t ready to hire your own IT support employees, there are businesses who provide IT experts on a contract basis. LMS Group, for example, have various options for support, offering onsite or remote help along with monitoring (that can prevent problems before they even occur) and the set up of managed services such as email, back ups and networks. With options for all business sizes and requirements, there is no excuse for your company to miss out on the many benefits of dedicated IT support. We’ve outlined the most plus points of IT support to help you see why such a team of people is so important.

Set Up

The right technology can make or break a business, automating tasks, streamlining the service you offer and saving employees valuable time. It’s important to choose the right system though, and to ensure it is correctly set up, or you could risk costing your business time and money that didn’t need to be spent. Dedicated, IT support professionals, with an up to date knowledge of the available programs and hardware, will make sure your company chooses the most appropriate technical services that will make the most impact on your business. They will also handle the proper set up of your new, and will take on the task of training your staff on new systems too.

Maintenance and Productivity

A huge part of IT support involves firefighting and fielding calls from users whose technology isn’t working as expected. Often, during a quick call an IT expert will be able to diagnose the problem and talk the user through a fix, meaning they’ll be up and running again within a few minutes. In a business context, this removes the headache and time sink of your employees having to attempt to solve their own technical problems, when they generally won’t have the right level of knowledge to do so. Having an IT support team will massively increase the productivity of your other employees, especially when technology fails them.

Another bonus of IT support is their proactive maintenance of systems, meaning they can work to solve technical problems before they even happen. They can easily set up diagnostic tools and checks which will alert them if something isn’t working correctly, allowing them to respond before the issue even affects the users. Large scale issues can be dodged through proactive maintenance like this, avoiding afternoons wasted when a business’s network or system goes down, for example.

Data storage

Most businesses are in possession of a lot of sensitive information, such as employee details and addresses, and even more if you work with and store customer data. Whatever the data is, it’s crucial that it is stored securely and correctly. IT support experts are invaluable when it comes to data storage. First of all, there are lots of different storage options out there, so having a person or a few people with a good knowledge of the choices will make your life much easier when it comes to choosing the most efficient, cost effective solution. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, they will be able to pot and fix weaknesses in your system, meaning your business and its data will be less susceptible to hacks, attacks or viruses