Business owners and large companies have the onus of keeping employees, equipment, products, and people who visit the office, factory, outlets, or warehouse safe. Security personnel and round the clock services were earlier required to make the business a safe place. This practice has been replaced by Closed Circuit Television or CCTV. Just as technology helps advancement in all structures of work life, security and surveillance systems also help businesses run their operations smoothly.

We’ve collaborated with Brighton CCTV to identify the key reasons for installing CCTV cameras at your workplace or in your office:

Collects Evidence

CCTV cameras have high tech infrared and motions sensor surveillance systems. If a crime, theft, or unfortunate incident happens, it is possible to collect evidence through video footage of the event of the conflict in the most non-threatening and safe way possible. CCTV only help gather evidence, it does not stop the incident from happening. In the event of police involvement, CCTV footage is also admissible as evidence in a court of law. With the help of the CCTV camera footage, you can now pinpoint the time, locations (multiple/single) and suspects that were involved in any incidents relating to your business.

Crime Deterrent

CCTV cameras are placed at crucial points around the business, like entrances, exits, storerooms, elevators, out on the office floor, and so on. CCTV cameras help deter anyone with an intent to commit a crime. In offices, illegal activities such as smoking in storerooms, removing files from secure facilities, sexual harassment, and so on cannot go unnoticed any longer. Any physical altercations between employees are caught immediately on camera. This awareness of the CCTV camera and the recordings help in deterring people from malicious behavior and ill intent.

Making critical decisions

CCTV footage helps in solving doubts and queries related to events or incidents. Disputes are more straightforward to settle when the recordings are readily available. These viewings are crucial in the affairs of theft and burglary in offices and homes. Family disagreements, robberies, feuds between employees, physical altercations, and treatment of customers and clients by employees can be viewed and judged by the use of CCTV as against hearsay.

Keeping an accurate record

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to get precise time, location, and people captured on camera with the help of CCTV. In businesses, click in and clock out processes can be managed by viewing camera footage stored. Deliveries, opening parcels, sign-ins and sign-outs can be securely stored and saved on servers as backups. This same stored evidence can be used as vital evidence in the event of a crime.

Increase efficiency

It is common knowledge that surveillance helps improve productivity. It is easier to become less productive when employees know there is no surveillance. When employees are aware that there is a CCTV camera recording all the movement in the office, there is an increase in efficiency and a decrease in breaks and idle times.

Safety and Security

Employees feel safer in the environment knowing that there is 24-hour surveillance. Men, women, and young joiners tend to work long hours and sometimes in shifts. CCTV cameras help generate a sense of safety and security for employees working late. Most untoward incidents are deterred or avoided in the presence of CCTV cameras on premises.

Money Saver

While installations of CCTV cameras might be slightly expensive and hosting of footage might be costly, in the long term, it is quite cost-effective. Hiring people or security firms adds to the cost of workforce and loss of space. With high tech CCTV cameras in place, the need for more human resources decreases since there are only 2 or 3 people needed to view and look after the CCTV installation, screens, and overall structure.

Insurance Claims

Most insurance companies accept claims made with CCTV footage as evidence. In the case of accident, theft, and burglary, it becomes easier to meet the insurance requirements and process the insurance claims faster. Recording and storage of crimes help in submitting evidence for insurance claims and as evidence of the crime committed.

Remote viewing

Many business owners cannot go to their offices daily or have multiple offices in different locations. It is possible to view the offices and staff with CCTV footage streamed live from a handheld or smart device. Many owners also find it useful to be able to see the employees in case there is a need to reorganize the workforce based on customer or client requirements like in the food or automobile industries.