Advertising has changed. Gone are the days of blindly putting an advert into the local newspaper and crossing your fingers in the hope that it works. Now you can pay directly for the people engaging with your advert, meaning that you can maximise return on investment.

PPC is a method of online advertising where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, explains PPC specialists Orb Online. There are no upfront fees and you can target the customers you really want. The most famous example of PPC is Google Adwords. You pay for your listing to come at the top of the Google search engine, and when someone clicks, you pay a fee. That fee is dependent on how sought-after the search term is. For example, if you want to appear at the top of the listing for the search term “best internet provider UK”, you will pay a large price every time someone clicks. Most PPC campaigns are run by a digital agency.

Here are some of the reasons your business needs to be using PPC services.

Let the customers come to you

Everyone searches on the internet. Whether they are looking for a local hairdresser or the best place to buy a TV, you can bet people will type it into Google, or another search engine, to find out. That means there is a huge potential customer base just waiting to find your product. By using PPC, you are tapping into that market. Think about what your customers really want, and use PPC to be in place to provide it to them.

Take control of your advertising

For years, advertising was a difficult thing to measure. If you put a billboard on the side of the road, it’s difficult to be sure how many people responded to it. And how can you be sure if it was worth the investment? With PPC, it is really simple to measure your return on investment. You can see how many people click on your advert, how many people then bought your product or service, and how much you are paying per customer.

Target the customers you want

When you are spending money on advertising, you want to try keep waste to a minimum. For example, if your business is a new restaurant in London, you don’t want to be targeting people looking for a place to eat in Manchester. This is where one of PPC’s biggest advantages comes in. There are two main ways you can target the customers you want:

Keywords – You choose the keywords or phrases that fit your product or business (e.g. restaurant in London). Then you come at the top of Google for those search terms only.

Audience – This type of targeting allows you to choose your audience based on a range of parameters including: age, behaviours, gender, profession, interests, and demographics.

Get to the top of Google

When it comes to internet marketing, there is usually one main goal: to come first on the Google search engine. Depending on how competitive your industry is, this can be an impossible task. Google Adwords allows you to shortcut this system and pay to get to the top.

Understand your return on investment

Return On Investment (ROI) is extremely important in the advertising world. You have to know that your advertising spend is a worthy investment. In the past, that has been difficult to calculate, but with PPC it’s simple. The data provided is simple to understand, so you will be able to cut out any wasted spend.


Remarketing is another form of PPC that has even more effective targeting features. You know when you are looking at a product on a website, then you decide to leave the website and look elsewhere, and then an advert from the first website appears somewhere in your browser? That is because the company has paid to remarket that advert to you. This method is shown to be very effective, because the customer has already shown a direct interest in the product.

Shopping Adverts

One of the downsides of Google Adwords, and other forms of PPC, is that they are just text-based. Some products sell much better if they have a photo. That’s where shopping adverts come in. They are a more developed advert that show a photo, price, store name, title, and more. While these adverts are often more expensive, they offer the advertiser much higher click-through rates. In addition to this, the leads generated by these adverts are generally better quality. They have seen all the information they need to make a purchasing decision, and therefore are more likely to buy.